Assia Kaab has dedicated her professional life to the rehabilitation of Iraq’s culture and international standing by working with Iraqi communities abroad and native communities of host nations to create an open and informative dialogue. Since 2013 she has held countless seminars, lectures and events bringing together Iraqi expats and the general community to experience a slice of Iraqi culture and discuss pressing matters such as integration, human rights, political identity and Mesopotamian history. She believes that the cultural rehabilitation of a war torn nation is not only vital to the restoration of the Iraqi psyche but also of vital importance to international relations and most importantly international peace. Her events have been described as “eye-opening”, “informational”, “fun” and most importantly “a conversation starter”. As a creative person she tackles the subject at hand with an alternative perspective which has proven to be quite effective and engaging for the general public.

Assia is currently based in Canada and volunteering for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their international outreach to expats and exiles. As a young woman in her early career, with degrees in Ancient Mesopotamian history and Applied Social Sciences, Assia sees her work aiding government or NGO institutions dealing with mid-east relations, rehabilitation and peace restoration.

If you would like a copy of her resume, to attend one of her lectures, get updates for future events and exhibitions, or simply to connect, please go to Contact and fill in the form.

Assia uses the alias “Ishtar” in a lot of her work.